Friday, September 12, 2008

ProEXR 1.3 released

A new version of ProEXR is available, adding a key feature that has been requested by users. Whereas the Photoshop plug-in already had a mechanism for effecting the way alpha channels were handled, we've now bumped the feature out of Easter Egg land and into legitimacy via a shiny new dialog.

The dialog does not appear by default. As before, you access the feature by holding down the option (Mac) or alt (Win) key. But now the settings are made clear as day and you can change the defaults to whatever you like. You can even make the dialog appear every time if you crave more modal UI interaction than you're currently getting.

ProEXR 1.3 also includes a variety of other small fixes. Needless to say, we recommend everyone switch to it (without any upgrade fee, of course). Enjoy!


Steve C said...

Hi. I realize this isn't the place to discuss this, but I've been trying to get hold of you regarding distributing your JPEG 2000 plug-in through my image library website. Regular email isn't getting through so I hope you get this! Please respond to me at so I can tell you more.

Many thanks - Steve Caplin

diego said...


my goal is exporting different render channels from vray frame buffer in 3ds max and then opening the .exr file in photoshop with all the channels ready to edit. As it seems your tool is able to do it i tried the Pro exr demo but the test was not succesful. I´m not too used to ms-dos but tried the method from a website several times in different manners and still couldn´t find the solution to see my channels in photoshop.
The demo expired and can´t find any good info about your software for deciding to grab it, not even an interface tutorial or similar. Is it still ms-dos oriented?
I am really interested on it cause it seems you did a great work but feel like staying on half of my way, buying things without testing seems precipitate. I´m sorry about being so generic but any help would be welcome.

Thanks a lot.

diego said...

Still thinking about it....could it be a version problem? i´ve been using CS instead of CS3.

Thanks again.

diego said...

I feel so stupid because didn´t check the manual. Everything clear now. Sorry...

Unknown said...

Is it possible to open a single-channel, 32-bpp-float, OpenEXR file as an Image->Mode->Grayscale Photoshop image? I have been experimenting with your "b5" ProEXR for 64-bit Photoshop CS4 (nice work, and thanks!).

willa said...

Im using photoshop cs4 and the latest ProEXR1.3 in windowsxp64.
Every time I try to save a exr image I get a error message indicating the save failed due to a processing error.
Reading images into photoshop works just fine.
Will Anielewicz