Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ProEXR 1.9

Today Adobe released a major update to After Effects and the rest of the Creative Cloud suite. This new AE ships with version 1.9 of the ProEXR plug-ins, which have been available here in beta form. Well, if the plug-ins are good enough for Adobe to ship them, I guess they're good enough for me. Consider version 1.9 released.

The biggest change in 1.9 is that the After Effects plug-in now handles displayWindow natively. Most users will not be affected by this, but the beta notice has more information for those interested.

The other subtle change is that all the ProEXR plug-ins are now built using OpenEXR 2.1, which supports multi-part files and deep image buffers. ProEXR can now read files that use these features, although the files you write will still be single-part flat images that are compatible with EXR readers that haven't yet upgraded.

Even if you're using an older version of After Effects, you can still download the latest ProEXR plug-ins and install them with your copy. Likewise, the Photoshop and Premiere plug-ins will work just fine in older versions of those programs.

As usual, this update is free and recommended for all ProEXR users. Enjoy!


Pascal said...

Thanks for your work regarding EXRs and making them more usefull to us AFX users.
But there is still a main feature missing in AFX to make Multi-Layer Exrs as usefull as they are in Nuke. That is the ability to "look" into such a file and see what channels are available without the need to let ProExr generate a comp with all the channels. Is there any chance for a special ProExr viewer which integrates into AFX to make that happen? I've already filled a feature request to AFX to make the comp viewer more useful and work the way Nuke does but I'm not sure if they will work on it.

Brendan said...

I suppose a custom viewer would be possible, but it'd take a bit of work. And to be done properly, it would probably have to be done in After Effects itself, not with a plug-in.

I trust you already know about the ProEXR AE plug-in, which adds the free "Create ProEXR Layer Comps" feature? This is not a custom viewer, but it does show you all the channels in the file with just a click. Not to mention it does all the work for you so you are instantly ready to put those channels to work.

I don't think After Effects will ever have the multi-channel pipeline that Nuke has, which is what really enables the Nuke viewer to do what it does.

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