Friday, October 14, 2011

OpenEXR command line tools

Eagle-eyed visitors to the fnord OpenEXR page may have noticed that there's been links to the OpenEXR utilities for a while. These are programs that are included with OpenEXR in source code form, but unless you're a programmer you probably haven't been able to use them. Heck, even if you are a programmer you may not have bothered to build them, as doing so involves building FLTK, downloading the nVidia Cg Toolkit, and other chores. So I've done the work for you and posted the result.

There are some useful tools in here. For the reference implementation to see how an EXR should look, use exrdisplay. Or playexr can play back an EXR sequence in real time and let you adjust exposure on the fly. Another favorite is exrmaketiled for converting a regular scanline EXR into a tiled, mipmapped image for the benefit of a 3D program that can take advantage.

As I said, these were written by Florian Kainz and his team at ILM, not me. I'm just posting the binaries to give more people access to them. They are all run from a command shell, so time to get comfortable with it if you haven't already. I've just got Mac and Windows versions here—I figure you Linux hackers can handle building them on your own. Enjoy!

Mac | Win

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