Tuesday, October 13, 2020

ProEXR 2.6

If you've been keeping your After Effects up to date you're already running ProEXR 2.6, which adds some performance optimizations to the AE plug-ins. Standard scanline multi-channel EXR files receive a modest speed improvement, while tiled EXRs will read about 3x faster in this version. And if you have a multi-part EXR file, the individual parts are now read on-demand for faster previews and more efficient rendering.

These optimizations were made possible by Harsh Patil from Apple's Pro Workflow Team, who analyzed the OpenEXR plug-in's performance when loading some real-world EXR sequences from various renderers. I warned him that Windows users were going to benefit from his optimizations as much as Mac, and he said Apple was fine with that! Thanks, Harsh!


Anonymous said...

Hey, great news! and many thanks!! is it possible to have the vri support back? it was working with 2.0 but not anymore with 2.5 .. would be much appriciated!!! thanks again and best greetings *

Brendan said...

I didn't realize people were still using VRimg files! OK, here's a standalone plug-in: Mac | Win