Monday, November 4, 2019

ProEXR 2.5

Today marks the release of Adobe After Effects 2020, which includes ProEXR 2.5. In fact, improved multi-channel performance is one of the highlighted features in this version of AE. Users who had previously installed version 2.0 have already been enjoying the extra speed, but now it's shipping with AE itself.

ProEXR 2.5 gets rid of the separate ProEXR AE plug-in, which has been merged into the main OpenEXR plug-in. That means AE now ships with the features in ProEXR AE, such as the ability to set up your layered comps for you, as well as export layered EXR files. To have AE set up comps for you, import your EXRs using AE's regular Import File dialog, and then tell it to Import As Composition, which is very easy to miss. Fans of the old File menu item can bring it back by editing their AE preferences file.

Import As Composition
Also coming along for the ride is the Cryptomatte plug-in that first appeared in ProEXR 2.0. In addition, ProEXR 2.5 uses newly added AE APIs to support the reading and writing of timecode with EXR files. And finally, the EXtractoR and IDentifier interfaces have been re-done, getting rid of their modal dialogs in favor of menus right in the Effect Controls Window.

The easiest way to get ProEXR 2.5 is to just start using the new version of AE. For people sticking with older versions, you can still download the plug-ins from the ProEXR site.



Roei T said...

Hi, I am using CC2019 and downloaded proexr2.5 zip file, and the ProEXR AE.aex effect is missing so I can't really create exr comps in older versions. is that intentional? thanks

Brendan said...

The functionality from ProEXR AE has been rolled in to the regular OpenEXR plug-in. The way to create comps in the new version is to use AE's standard Import dialog and then choose the option to Import as Composition, like you would with a layered Photoshop file.

If you preferred the old method where you run File > Create ProEXR Layer Comps, you can bring it back by editing your AE preferences file. In the "OpenEXR" section, set "File Menu Item" to "1" and save. Make sure AE is not running when you do this. Next time you launch AE, the menu item will be back.

Roei T said...


Eon said...

Hello there,

In AE november 2019 edition the proEXR seuqnece is unusable again. Really slow. Using one fram only is ok though (same problem as last time).

Any thoughts?


Brendan said...

Remember that every time you run the AE updater it will re-install the version of the plug-in that ships with AE, so you have to go back and re-replace with ProEXR.

Eon said...

Hi Brendan :)

I did that but the "bug" still there. I don´t know why :(

So far, I am using a "funny" workaround. Not using a sequence but each frame as a layer and then apply to each one the effect. Then precomp. Its weird method but it works.


Brendan said...

You can make sure you're using the new version by going to an EXR's Interpret Footage dialog and clicking the More Options button. If the dialog that pops up has a "Cache Channels" checkbox, you're using the old version. It's possible to have two OpenEXR plug-ins installed and AE will not pop up an error.

If that all checks out, they maybe you can send me or Adobe your project and footage? The speed improvements made in ProEXR 2.0 try to work around the sequence bug in After Effects, but the bug is still there.

Unknown said...

Options button shows "cache size" pop up so I gues i am with the good one. Tried to find two OpenEXR plug-ins installed and found there was another one in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2020\Support Files\Plug-ins\Format.
Sadly, after erased this one the "bug" still there. Everything so slow. Again, one frame is no problem, very fast response.

Brendan said...

Gotcha, well if you can get me a project or another way to duplicate, I'd be happy to take a look.

Also, do you get the same behavior in AE 2020?

Eon said...

Yes, I tried this on the latest After effects version. I prepare a wetransfer with 4 frames. I tested with cryptomatte and of course get same result as before.

Thanks for taking a look into it :D


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Nicolas Grendena said...

Hello there !
I'm using CC2018 and I've installed your latest version of the OpenEXR plug in and I would like to export my comp as a multi layered EXR file. Basically, I have to bake a DI Matte in my export.
I can't figure out how to do that ?
I've created a layer of my DI Matte on top of my regular comp and... then what do I do ?

Thanks for your answer !

hpprinterdrivers said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating your plug-ins and making them available. Adobe should integrate them directly into the Creative Suite.