Monday, February 6, 2017

OpenColorIO for Photoshop

Many moons ago I released an OpenColorIO plug-in for After Effects. Now there's a Photoshop plug-in as well. It has most of the same features and a similar interface.

One useful feature for Photoshop workflows is the ability to export ICC Profiles and LUTs right from the plug-in. You can test out a color conversion directly on your pixels by running it normally. Then undo and export an ICC Profile that can be assigned to your document (make sure you save it in the proper directory). Or export a LUT to be assigned to a Color Lookup adjustment layer in Photoshop.

As usual, it's free and open source.


Plug-in version: 1.0.9 Beta 4
Date: 13 February 2017
Mac | Win


jlang said...

Hi Brendan,

Thanks for making this available for photoshop! Unfortunately I'm getting a "Photoshop is not responding crash" whenever I try to select the "convert" or "display" options in Windows 10. Can this be supported for Windows?

Brendan said...

Thanks for the bug report. I'll work on this Windows 10 issue. The Win plug-in was made on Windows 7.

drhein said...

This is amazing ! We've been wanting something like this for so long, it doesn't seem real, but it's really here and it works. Thank you so much for this.

drhein said...

A couple of things I did wanted to mention for feedback

I get a specifc error when loading custom luts :

Error: Loading the OCIO profile failed. Unsupported transform type! in OCIO profile.

I also get an error while trying to display the lut (I'm not actually sure what the behavior should be - is it supposed to create an adjustment layer automatically ?)

Error: Could not complete the OpenColorIO command because DisplayTransform error. Cannot find display colorspace, "..

just for info, I am using WIN 7 x64 with PS CC 2017.01

Brendan said...

drhein, send me an email and hopefully I can reproduce your problem.

drhein said...

the unsupported transform was an ExpressionTransform by the way, it just never showed up on my previous post because I used the < and > characters.

drhein said...

I've also emailed you at Let me know if that 's still an email address that works for you

Alex Sikorsky said...

I tested your plugin. This opens up great opportunities. Unfortunately, for version for Windows 8.1 x64 has errors, and after selecting the "Monitor" switch fails.

Brendan said...

"Monitor"? Do you mean "Device"? Could you be more specific?