Thursday, December 31, 2009

ProEXR 1.5 Beta

Well, 2009 was quite a year. Just before it's over, we have a public beta of ProEXR for Photoshop to try out here.

It's been completely re-written to read and write EXRs as fast as possible, taking advantage of all the memory you've got on your system (including you 64-bit Windows users).

There's also a new "ProEXR EZ" plug-in for people who find the whole multi-layer EXR thing a little overwhelming but want the extra control ProEXR gives you over alpha channels. ProEXR EZ even lets you put the Alpha in the Channels palette, if that floats your boat.

Most users will want to have either regular ProEXR or ProEXR EZ installed, not both. But if you do install both and open a file, ProEXR will be used unless you force EZ in Photoshop's Open dialog. When saving, you can easily pick one or the other.

Please send in bug reports and comments so we can make this the most solid release yet!


Mayzie said...

Hi, will your other plugins also be ported to 64-bit (SuperPNG etc..)

Thank you very much for your continued effort because without it you could work with EXR in PS! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded this plugin and i am encountering a glitch-- may not be your plugin but here goes: in rendering out vray background render element (skies), it doesnt show up in PS CS4. all other render elements show up except the sky background, which is there but empty. ive seen some debate on the adobe threads over alpha/transparency but its over my head. i just want a sky! any ideas? thanks mate! P.S. other than that its a great plugin!

Brendan said...

Hi there. If you have a problem file, go ahead and email to me (info at fnordware dot com) and I'll take a look. One thing to try is holding down alt when loading the file in so you can the layers without alpha applied - some renderers will put a background there but leave the alpha empty, which is sort of weird.