Friday, November 2, 2007

ProEXR 1.2 released

I've posted an update to ProEXR. There are a number of small improvements in this version, mostly based on user requests and bug reports.

One feature I'll mention is that ProEXR is now saving more of the standard EXR metadata in files it creates. Information such as the user and computer name is being stored, which can be particularly useful for people with render farms trying to track down the source of a bad frame. In After Effects, the project and comp used to create the file are stored too, along with anything written in the seldom-seen Render Queue Comments field.

To see all the attributes being stored, open an EXR in Photoshop and view the File Description.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

there seems to be a bug in photoshop (cs3 mac) plugin: for channels which names contain spaces (for example- "Specular Shading Output.R") opened file shows completely black layers and namings of such has spaces replaced with underscores (e.g. "Specular_Shading_Output.R") while file info still shows that image contains original channels with spaces in the names.

names with spaces by default are saved by modo and while you can manually rename output channels before rendering - still it'd be cool if proexr would be a bit clever :)

thanks a lot - seems like a really useful plug!

Richard Majece said...

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